The world in which I reside is crashing all around me, soon there will be nothing left but a big open hole. Must I stand here and watch it burn away as if I’m watching from behind a two way mirror. Imma shatter this mirror and step through to the world that’s crumbling away. My light will shine brighter than any flame that the devil will throw. You can throw all the water you want to but guess what you can’t put me out but that flame the devils holding goes out like a match. The devil isn’t a match fo me. He’s deaf and dumb otherwise he wouldn’t come against me Jesus has already said the battle has already been won, so why bother? Are you bored, have nothing else to do but be a loser all the time? But there’s one thing you cower at and his name is Jesus, so if you want me come get me but get ready Jesus is in me and I’m coming full speed like a hurricane, you can’t take me, break me, and mold me. I’ll squash you like the little bug you are. Get back to hell!