Are you there or are you just not listening to me? I need you now more than ever. Feels like the devil is trying to take control yet, I can’t help but feel like your just watching and not helping! Just gotta be truthful no more lies just confession! Life feels like there’s no tomorrow. Friends gone, church is dull to me, lusting over girls. Faith is like a mustard see naw man more like a grain of sand. Your holy name is to be praised, but my actions do not say it my mouth does, should be the other way around. Everywhere I turn people drag me down. Shouldn’t I be the light if the world. Why isn’t my light shining is more of a theory than a question mark huh? Rebuke the devil every chance you get do not let him grab a hold of any piece of you. He has no place in you unless you allow him. Jesus will kick him out when you receive him into your heart.