If they loved God so much then why do you stand the they say that they don’t believe In you but yet when you send your prophets to speak for you your people end up killing him. They must believe in you if what the prophet says to them makes them angry enough to kill. Even they that say they honor you clearly do not with their fility mouths and perverse thoughts. The end is here and now so get ready not much time left. Why must they disown the very God that created them? They like what the devil can give them a lot better than what I can. I do not want to see anyone go to hell but I will destroy you all. Your hearts are so far away from me. I’m standing right here in front of you but your so far trapped in your own sin all you can think about is yourself. Repent says The Lord for it is getting too late! Why as people must we dabble in so much sin? God has much greater purpose for all of us. Sure if you want love for a season go on do sin be the devils puppet. But if you want love for a lifetime come to me all ye who are heavy burden and I will give you rest and will love you for eternity! My love will never fade away in fact I still love you when you despise me when you do not listen to me or when you do not even know who I am. I tell you Time and time again but your hearts are so harden it doesn’t matter what I say you can’t hear me but I’m not going to stop speaking into your life. There is still hope for some of you. That’s why we have prophets in the world to hear Gods voice and to tell the people that will not listen to his voice what he has said.