We praise Gods name. And that’s the problem we praise his name not him. A name is just a name. You actually have to worship and speak to him and not just his name. Do you say one thing and do another? If you say you believe in Jesus, pray to him but yet you still live in sin then you just know his name because if you knew him you would not continue to live in sin. He would come into your life and change it. The stuff you used to do would make you sick! Changing the subject slightly. There is a difference when you pray to God and when you talk to him. When I was younger God gave me that on the missions trip out on New Mexico. I can’t remember what the words I used, but he brought it to my remembrance tonight. God likes to talk to us. We can talk all day to God. When no one else is around to hear you he is. There’s no better person to let your feelings out to. People think that we have to pray for god to hear us. There’s nothing wrong with prayer. Prayer is asking God questions, asking God to heal someone, and the list goes on. He knows the words before we speak them. And he’s our Heavenly Father right? Well if he wants you to ask him for stuff don’t you also think he wants us to talk to him about our day? He knows how our day went and he knows how our day will be 5 days from now. But if all you did was pray to him how are you really getting intimate with him?