People’s hearts are hard toward God. They do not care to understand Gods laws or commandments, they don’t want to hear what he has to say. They make their own body a God, by saying and doing what they want, thinking they will still make it into heaven when they die. You can’t sin when you want to and ask for forgiveness later, God doesn’t work like that unless you sin by mistake. His commandments now n days are no better than the dust God made us from, as so people think. God is getting angry with his people. You need to turn back now and worship the TRUE God that made you instead if all of the foolish things you put before him! He will not share his glory with another. In the end you have to choose money, sex, power, drugs, cars, women, ect… Whatever it is our God, I’m sorry for you buddy, all of these things are nothing to God and be nothing when you die, but what matters is that you will burn in hell for an eternity with no rest, they beg for water, even just one drop and they still will not receive it. God wants to save you from all of that if you just let him you have to put it down and follow him. 2nd kings 17:12-15, 1st Thessalonians 1:9-10, Isaiah 42:8