To all the ones who aren’t in church, the ones that do not believe in God, and the ones who aren’t saved. If you aren’t because you feel like you aren’t worthy enough yet, or if your doing your own thing and “can’t” fine time to go. Well you need to go, need to get saved. And your right your not worthy, with all your sins. God wants to forgive you of them but you have to seek him first. Ask him to take away your sins. Then see how you feel! But you actually have to mean it bc he knows your heart and the thoughts you have before you think them. Times are getting worse today. When you sin willfully and you die you die in that sin there’s no coming back there’s no asking forgiveness. It’s a tough pill to swallow. And you will go to hell. Doesn’t matter what you think or what you know. You will say haven’t I’ve don’t all these things in your name and he will say depart from me I never knew you. Your righteousness doesn’t cover your wickedness, you can’t call yourself righteous and still do what you want it doesn’t equal out. Now I know Christians slip up every now and then but we don’t do it willfully. And when we do we know right then and you repent in that second. He will guide you in all things. Especially if your filled with Gods spirit the Holy Ghost. So go to church learn of him, get saved, live the lifestyle, and never stop learning of him. Continue to gain wisdom and understanding. Seek his face. Heaven or hell the choice is yours and remember your never promised your next breath. (Scary fact to know) He takes no pleasure in you going to hell but that also comes with your free will that he gave you. Your choice not his desire!