God is to be praised. Lets praise him tonight. If we don’t the trees and the planets will. Do not be shown up by the earth now get on your feet and praise him. God shake us up pour out your spirit on us tonight! We honor you father send the rain on down shake us up. Let us not be the same person when we leave as when we walked in. Grow in us God as we grow in you! Now get on your feet or get face down and praise him tonight praise him for what he has brought you through for every time he has lifted that burden off your back for every time you wake up. He gives us a free will. What will you do with yours go straight to hell or straight to heaven. The choice is yours do with it as you will. Just remember this a life In hell means one thing you burn forever there’s no going back from that once your there your there. God doesn’t want to see you there you are his child his creation he wants to spend eternity with you. But it’s not his choice you make it you decide… A life without Christ is a life that is never fixed! So God I pray that you open up our eyes and our ears to see the truth and to hear the truth. Then give us the words to speak in your holy name father. Amen