Who all thinks religion is stupid? Look at all of the church’s that believe different things. When there is only one bible, one word of God, that’s it! The church’s take certain scriptures out of context and that’s what the church is about. We should be in one mind and one accord. Every church has a mind if its own today. One mind not multiple minds. But yet God has to waste his breath and the pastors time exploring why they’re are different beliefs and church’s. religion is stupid and clearly over rated. We need to stop following religion and what people tell us to. We need to start following Jesus and dig into his word to show ourselves approved. He’s saying to take his word seriously and to take heed before its to late! He is angry at the division of his word and of the nation in which we live in. God is angry at this nation for turning their hearts against him. His hand is stretched out still just waiting to strike. Get away from “religion” now! God has called us to his purpose not to argue and fight over his words. His word is pure and true and only that. Phil. 2:2, 2nd Timothy 2:15, psalms 33:4