When all else fails. You just have to drop to your knees and pray! He’ll always be there for you. He will not fail you. Trust him above all else. Seek him with everything you have and you shall find him. Sometimes that means stepping out of your comfort zone and going to the alter in front of everybody putting down all of your pride and shame. Who cares what they think your not doing it for them or to look good. Your doing it to get closer to God. You could get face down. Doesn’t mean you have to pray the whole time bc if you did that how would you hear his voice? He will speak to you but you would miss it bc you were talking to much! Haha! Cast all your cares upon him at the alter he doesn’t want you to carry them. He’ll take them and throw them down to hell where they belong. It doesn’t stop there though. You have to continue to read and pray every single day. Renew your mind every morning when you wake up. That doesn’t mean that sin won’t come your way from now own but it does mean that you have god on your side and if Gods on your side then who can be against you? You have the help of God you don’t have to fight by yourself and you know what he’s God. You’ll win unless you move away from his protection. He doesn’t move you do but he’s still there waiting for you to come back like a little kid when their dog runs away. We all tend to move against god sometimes. He also says cast your burdens on your friends. Not to weigh them down but to help you get rid of them when you start walking away from god. It’s a pretty cool life we live with God on our side actually. Sure the world is evil and the people in it. But we are ambassadors to God to help save the evil people on this evil planet and there’s no better feeling then being inside Gods will and tearing down the strong holds that have bound so many people. We can’t be lazy step it up Christians! We don’t have much time left! U don’t want to hear God say that I have blood on my hands at the judgement day! I want clean and pure hands when that day comes. So lets go do some sightseeing on this earth and witness to as many as we can!