I used to fight, drink, smoke, and cuss. It was all second nature to me. I was just having fun not thinking about my life or anyone else’s. I could get any girl I wanted. Then my dad past away and I backslid even further after I had gotten stronger from that. Then and I backslid I started to do everything over again not caring what my true friends thought trying to hide it actually. Going to church acting all Godly then going home sinning, going to clubs drinking! But I wasn’t fooling anyone but myself. I knew I had to do better than what I was doing. There’s more to life than drinking and smoking! On and off “Christian” isn’t it! There’s no on an off switch your one or the other. God said be hot or cold, Luke warm he’ll spew you out of his mouth! When I wasn’t in Christ I was depressed drinking to take away the pain to feel good for a couple of hours. God’ll make you feel good for the rest of your life! We say we know God but do we really? We may pray and go to church but if that’s it then your missing it. You can’t grow that way. Think of it like a baby aspect when your born again your a baby. And if you don’t grow you will continue to act as a baby. Study the word, worship the God who made you, pray without ceasing, yeah I know that one is hard to grasp in our everyday busy life’s. i need work in that area. Anyways getting back on topic I used to be a on and off again Christian I played Christian in church and around my true friends so they wouldn’t see the bad side of me. But now I’m seeking Gods face I don’t claim to be a Christian any longer bc that name gets tossed around so often I know I did it! Just bc you believe in God doesn’t mean that your going after Gods heart. I mean even demons believe in God. They even have to ask permission from Jesus to go into the pigs. If we have Jesus in our hearts that means the demons have to listen to us. By calling yourself a Christian doesn’t mean that you are one! I got saved my “friends” left! I cut out every music that does not give God glory. If it doesn’t give him glory why should Listen to it. All it will do is bring me down and cause me to backslide. You say what you want but when you listen and watch bad stuff it sticks in your mind and you begin to think that way. When God saved me, my whole life changed around and flipped upside down.