You really shouldn’t joke around with stuff that you know isn’t true. The more you say it the more you believe it and the more you continue to led people in the wrong direction. For instances take me with the words I love you. I used to say them all the time. But I got used to saying U2 (even thought I hated when people said that.) and I just kept saying it over and over. Then people began to notice and tried to get me to say I love you, just because of that I used to say U2 on purpose just to mess with them but, I’ve done it so much now it feels so awkward to say I love you so I never do. And the same goes for anything really, you can make yourself believe whatever you want even though there’re signs all around you that say different. We as humans take everything as a habit. I have a habit of saying U2 when someone says I love you. God doesn’t want us to be a creature of habit. He can’t use us that way. We have to be broken and basically clay. When we are with God and we live for him and him alone shouldn’t we break all of our habits? I think we should, we should try and we shall succeed! Tell God about it he will love to hear it from you. He will love to help you if you just ask him but you have to take that step. If you don’t believe me that’s a good thing (bible says trust no man) so go ahead try it ask him into your heart if you haven’t already and tell him your problems and pray that he will help you with them. So quick to say no and reject but never willing to do it, take the step. Yet you waste all of your time on video games, tv, sports, work, sex,and hobbies. All of those will follow you to hell too so be careful with what you do and put into your spirit… Getting back on point. Break your habits ask God to help you if you haven’t already ask him into your life and make you clean. Thank him for sitting you free and lastly do not fill your time with things of this world that will only drag you down and de-edify God and his name! It’s not worth it, your spirit is worth everything do not trade it!