God is saying don’t back down never back down if I’m for you who can be against you. The devil will throw stuff up every bit if your walk with Christ but he’s on your side so how can you let that mess get you down? What ever the situation is fix it and give God of the universe all the praise and glory he deserves. He may let go of your hand in the darkness but he’s still there even though you can’t feel him. You just have to trust in him and he will guide you to the light. And if God tells you to do something then you do it with all your might. If you do it with half your heart in it then your just wasting everyone’s time even Gods. The morel is if you are living with Christ Jesus then you have no reason to back down for whatever reason and to do what he has called you to do with all your might because he will help you through the battle! The devil will always battle for your soul. And if you face him 100% and you don’t back down, you have nothing to worry about. He’s weak God is strong and if you have Jesus in your heart then you also are strong. Puny devil!