I will not conform to your ideologies I believe in the one true God. I use to be blinded, no eyes to see. Walking through life bumping into everyone and everything, tripping, falling, and crawling on my hands and knees away from you. I bumped into you, I reached out for your hand and you picked me up and gave me eyes to see again. Now I’m standing like a real man following you and everything that you stand for! The devil tries to knock me back down on my knees and you know what he succeeds. Except this time I don’t crawl away from you Jesus, I’m down on my knees in prayer and intercession against the devil. Yes I’m man enough to admit the devil wins my flesh a lot! But I suppress it with my spirit then he can do nothing but let go and try again later. He has never left me. He’s always been there I just never knew it until he picked me up. He’s with you to, you don’t have to crawl anymore he wants to help you get back on your feet if you will let him. He doesn’t want to see you crawling around in the dirt it breaks his heart to see his own so low. God is so good you guys!