I’m standing here on this small blue dot of the universe screaming for your forgiveness but do you ever hear me? Do you even care? I’m spilling my heart out to you everyday yet I can’t see you! Please answer my prayers and hear my cry. I’m torn on the inside, make me the man that you want me to be. Take this thing away and give me peace please. It’s amazing how you came on this earth just like us. You feel what we feel you go through what we go through. It’s amazing that you died for our sins. You were beaten, spit on, cursed, talked about, people hated you. Yet you still died for them. So they could know you more so they would have a chance at freedom. Thank you for showing me the way. I will know the joy of suffering bc of you. My cross isn’t to big to bear and I will show everyone that I’m dragging the cross on my shoulders just as you did! How happy I am how excited I am to know you and to join you. So God says don’t be just another person on the blue dot screaming to me, have a relationship with me you won’t regret it. I love you so much that your not to far gone to come back home.