Often times we seek God when we need him not because we want him. Then after awhile our life starts to go good, we have peace for once but we start falling away because we get comfortable. Everything is going good so we tend to slack off of God. less praying, less talking, reading the bible less, and ect…. We shouldn’t be like that we should continue to seek God when times are good and in the bad! We change God doesn’t, our views of him are different the more we grow in him and the more we seek him. Don’t stop keep pressing forward. We are content in this box that we have made and although Gods protection is around us he doesn’t want us in the box. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box if your in his protection then what are you afraid of. If you step to the left and your not supposed to he will let you know. Just go back and try something different. He will let you know what you do is right or wrong.