What I tell you is just that me telling you. It’s what you do with the information that I give you. It’s not my job to push you in either direction you’ll have to figure out what you need I can’t do that for you. So when I tell you something and explain it to you I am letting you in on the information whether or not you choose to receive it is your own business. I will talk to you about it and help you understand better but I’m not here to make you do anything I won’t fuss at you. You should already know what’s right and what’s wrong if your seeking answers. But if your not seeking answers it doesn’t matter what I say your not listening anyways. I could tell you all about God and you wouldn’t care you wouldn’t think about it. It’s not until you come seeking answers that you will listen and begin to understand. It’s crucial that you don’t belittle someone when you speak to them and never speak about something that your not doing yourself. I’m not saying that if your not asking questions out loud your not seeking answers. What I’m talking about is are you actually seeking in your heart and your spirit. And that will manifest in the physical form. (Shy people too) I was one of those shy people who wanted answers but would never ask and if I did ask I would do it in secret to a best friend. And she would always give me advice and she wouldn’t push me in either way yet she would wait until I figured it out on my own which really didn’t ever take that long. But I always knew right from wrong even though I tried to justify doing wrong in a million different ways it was still wrong. Morel of this is to chose your words carefully if your the one giving information bc it can either push them away or led them to Christ. And don’t push and pull them let them see Jesus in you and not by words… If your on the other side I say listen and hear the words, don’t be afraid to step up and ask questions. We’ve been there we know what it’s like and if we don’t then we are here to listen and show you a comfort that you’ve never known before. If your shy please step out of it I know it’s hard bc I still deal with it but its getting better. You will learn a lot better once you come out of your shyness and being afraid to ask questions. Everyone had questions. No serious question is to dumb or to stupid even if people laugh at you for asking it. I’ve been laughed at and made fun of bc I’ve asked questions that everyone knew but me. It used to make me upset bc I felt stupid. Since them I’ve come to realize that hey I don’t care what they think because why should I? It doesn’t profit them anything by making fun but you do profit by learning. So don’t be afraid to. God loves questions and he loves to hear you talk to him. 😉