Isn’t it funny how us hypricatal Christians say we love everyone and blah blah blah right? Well if that’s so why are we so quick to judge, so quick to poke fun. When we don’t even know what that person goes through, what they are thinking. We if we see a goofy guy with short hair head hanging low that smells so bad. We must we wait until he passes to say mean things about him? Instead of saying nothing at all maybe say hey to him or pray for him? Some of you will argue with me but that’s fine I’m not here to please you. Just like last night we were having bible study and one of my co workers walked in the restaurant we were in. Some of us made bad comments some of the looks were bad. And nobody invited him to join us including me! I mean WHY? If it were me I would be hurt. Do we think about that aspect or do we just not care? There is no sense if making fun of people it doesn’t matter what they do or who they are. We are supposed to walk like Christ walked right? Well i don’t care what you say but he wouldn’t poke fun or people like all of us! Yes all of us do it and we need to stop it.