When I think about the world I begin to think why am I in church? I could go out and have a good time partying it up drinking, getting drunk, sleeping with as many girls as I can. Why would you contaminate your body when you could be pure? Doesn’t make sense does it?

Why would you want to do that for? Isn’t one pure person far better than a thousand others? I think so! That’s why I feel so strongly about waiting for the “right” one so to say. That one pure, faithful, blameless, spotless, beautiful one. Or you could get with 100 different people who are not faithful, pure, doesn’t care anything about you. They will not stick with you when you are broke, when you are at your lowest if lows. You do not have love for one another: to have love you first must love God and put him first in everything that you do including a relationship

For me there is no contest I will choose to wait and save my soul and myself for God and someone who deserves me. I will wait for the girl that feels the same way. I only want one love not to have my love tied to 100.

It fathoms my mind how people don’t care about their future mate. They don’t think about what it does to their body’s and souls. They don’t care what God thinks, they don’t care that their future mate could be saving theirselves for them. A pure marriage is much more then why everyone gets married. It’s about that person helping you become a better person, to get closer to God. To help you through life.

How do you remain pure? Well for one you do not look on anyone with lust, you do not have sex, you do not look upon certain objects that will cause you to lust in your mind and in your heart… If your right hand offends you cut it off. It is better to go to heaven with one hand then to hell with two. It is better to go through life with no movies, no Internet, no music, no malls if it helps you to remain pure. If you do have lust in your heart get it out and ask for Gods forgiveness and renew your mind every day therefore after. Also buy a purity ring and wear it on your wedding finger so it’s a constant reminded to stay pure for your future spouse. Purity also means not wearing crap that will make other people lust after you. Bc if you do you are no better than them. And their blood will be on your hands. The bible says be led in all things. So I believe that saying is self explanatory and it could go as far as asking God what to wear that day.

Being pure isn’t all the time about Lust. It’s also about staying clean before God. Jesus wants a bride that is spotless. Which means he wants you with no sin no bad fruits. He wants you to serve him and only him. If you are married now and you remained pure for them just think at how much that meant to you and your spouse. How much more would it feel for Jesus? I mean he’s staying pure for you.

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