God will forgive you of all of your sins except for one. Do you know what that sin is? It’s called suicide, the reason he will not forgive you of that is because he can’t not because he won’t. Once you do it you will be trapped in your sin with no way to come back. No way to ask for forgiveness. And you will be in hell to burn for eternity. You will cry out for water and there will be none. Hell was created for the fallen angels. The devil and his followers from heaven. Why was there sin in heaven in the first place the place God created? Well that’s a different story for a different time. You say how can a living God send you to hell? Well he hates it he takes no pleasure in it he wants you. But you have free will your not a puppet. It’s your choice not his. Fact of the matter suicide is a dangerous spirit that is sweeping the nation that make you feel like you are nothing that you are worthless. That your ugly, fat, no one cares, the guy on tv is fake, you lost in a game, ect… The list can keep going. You see how stupid that sounds? But that bad spirit inside of you wants your soul for the devil so he will implant thoughts like that in your mind. But what you need to know is that what you feel it what you see. No matter what the world thinks of you there will ALWAYS be somebody that loves you and there will ALWAYS be God who loves you no matter what. He sent his son to die for you. If that’s not love than i don’t know what is. Talk to God ask him into your heart and life, pray to him that he will take those thoughts away. Pray that he will remove that spirit. Your body is a temple for the Holy Ghost (who is pure) once you have him that other spirit(s) will have to leave. Don’t believe me that’s fine the bible says trust no man. But try it tell me if I’m wrong. Come to him with a broken sprit and a contrite heart and ask him into your life. Suicide is not the way to go out continue to fight God meant for you to be a solider in his army against the devil (the winning side) now stand up and fight make war with your flesh! God will give you the armor you need to defend yourself. You have to practice at it though. Fight and don’t let it over take you….

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