I feel so alone as I sit in church surrounded by my fellow brothers and sisters. I turn around, I see darkness creeping up, I see light ahead fading away. I pick up the pace but can’t catch up Soon this darkness will overcome me. I start to run fast as I can, the lights coming back, until I run into a hole, tripped, and fell on my face. I stand back up, overtaken by darkness, I’m standing my ground, fighting my demons. I can’t win by myself, I need you God, I’m fighting an ever-losing battle. I get knocked down, face In the dirt, I can’t pick myself back up. I cry out for your forgiveness begging for you to come into my heart. Make me pure give me clean hands. You say my son I am with you, who can be against you. Pick yourself up once more and tell you are defeated. I stand to my feet, at the top of my lungs I shout darkness you are defeated so loud that light begins to shine out of my mouth, as I look around all I see is light, no darkness in sight. I’m finally free from that bondage that once held me down