Walking down the street thinking. Will you ever know that your the one I’m looking for? Will I ever know that I’m the one your looking for? Will I know you when I pass by you on the street? Or will you be just another face in the crowd? As I’m lost in thought I turn the corner and bump into you. We start off with a simple hello. No birds no music but you feel real to me the only real one in this sea of faces. My life was falling apart before you. You held the piece of my heart that was missing, you’ve put it back in. My heart is beating right on track. No sense jumping into things with all of the I love yous. Trying to fit all of the pieces into a tight spot that only leaves your heart broken until you tear it open to get all that hate out. And you still end up with a broken heart. There is only one person who can rebuild your heart from the inside out. First you have to ask him to come in and rebuild it like his. There I go lost in my own thoughts again. Wait on the right one you’ll know the difference. Feel the difference. Just remember you can’t have a perfect relationship without God being first. You can’t love them until you know how love feels, the only person who can show you is Jesus. He died and put your sin on himself so you can have a free will life.