Ever wondered about missionary dating? Which that was many different meanings in itself but what I’m talking about is bands and music. “Christian” bands go on tour with secular bands. Why? They say so they can hear to gospel and help get them saved. I use to believe that way to but now I see that you can’t do it that way because they will drag you down with them. But isn’t God more powerful then evil. Why yes he is but you are not. Demons and spirits have thousands of years you have what 100 or less to deal with them? Now I’m not saying you can’t bring down demons because that’s what jesus had called us to do. But that’s why you have to have the Holy Ghost dwelling inside of you so he will let you know when and what to do. But you alone or you disobeying the HG by missionary dating will only drag you down and feed evil stuff into your spirit and in a unclean body the HG can not dwell so why do it?