Would Jesus be aloud in your church? That’s a hard pill to swallow huh? Think he cared about having to wear a tux? He didn’t care about the latest and and most fashionable trends. For him church could and did happen anywhere. You are the church the church building is where we gather for Gods word. (Should happen everyday anywhere you go) but we’ve twisted that into a religion where you dress up for church on Sunday and say your amens then go back to sinning all week long. God doesn’t want lukewarm he wants you sold out for him. Now if you say no Jesus wouldn’t be allowed in your church then I suggest you find a different church. I’m not saying its wrong to dress up if you feel like it but don’t condemn someone who comes in wearing nothing but the clothes on their back who hasn’t had a bath for a week or even girls wearing short shorts, skirts, whatever it may be. Bc they are there they will learn they need God the same as you. God looks on your heart not the clothes you wear but at your humbleness the cold water ones.