my Jesus may have went to the cross but that is not where he stayed

my Jesus may have went to the grave but that is not where he stayed

my Jesus may have went to hell but that is not where he stayed

my Jesus has risen victorious over all unclean things

no power on earth or in hell has kept him down, My Jesus keeps rising up, he didn’t stay in a grave like the other false Gods people worship today.

My God teaches to love your neighbor, not to kill your neighbor. My Gods perfect will is that no one parish but He has given us free will to choose what we do. We are not puppets on a string controlled by a control freak. Isn’t that beautiful? That is true freedom! On the flip side if you’re not in Gods will for your life, well then you are being played by the other side (the Devil) and well he likes you to think you are free when really you have strings attached to you. strings that make you feel numb, strings that suck the life right out of you, strings that steal your emotions. I mean you can choose to be free but first you have to surrender to God fully! When you are on the fence that’s saying to God that you want God to take half of the strings and let the devil have the other half. That will never work, want to know why? You can’t have two masters, you will either hate one and love the other. Let’s face it being in the fence you already know who you will Love (devil) why? HE STOLE YOUR EMOTIONS AND YOU CANT THINK FOR THE REAL YOU, THE YOU GOD CREATED! God formed you in your mother’s womb not the other guy, God gives you life, gives you your emotions, the devil says be a real man, hold your emotions in, let the emotions bottle up and harm you, harm your heart! WOW! The devil can come up with some lies cant he? And people listen to him Because he is a silver tongue, he only speaks what you want to hear, never tells you the truth, well he can and does but only to implant anger and jealousy. when you are not in Gods will you are letting the devil transform you by your emotions. one of the biggest in my opinion is sickness, well did you know Jesus paid for your healing when he was beaten for us? That we have the same power Jesus had, in us, and you can to! We have power over that mess, in Jesus sickness is banished, but now and days people walking around claiming sickness on themselves, yeah MY diabetes, MY heart disease, MY headaches, mine mine mine! nonsense that is not yours it is a lie from the devil and the truth is not in him! you banished that thing, do not accept it in to your life, you have the power of Jesus living inside of you aka the Holy Ghost, do you think for one second he wants to share your body with sickness? nonsense! the devil is a theif and He’s jealous of you, he is scare of who you will become. The devil ain’t nothin, know why? because greater is He (HG) who lives in me than the World. For I am weak but He (God) is  strong!  The devil is a punk with daddy issues! he can do nothing, but speak until you give him permission! What is amazing about being a follower or Christ? all you have to say is 5 words and He’s gone “Get the behind me Satan” And he’s gone, don’t entertain it, banish it and be done! Oh yeah! Wake up oh you sleepers and take back what the devil has stolen from you, while you’re at it put another bruise on his head.