Just the other day I was shorting through 700 lbs of clothes, and we just got in 40 tons of clothes, so it’s like this for the most part

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Talking with my brother and spiritual mom/pastor/mentor that night and the point of how can people do so much evil and get by with it. Almost everyone will say this or that has always been like that and it’s ok because that is the new norm. I always like to give examples of the stuff I talk about, so others don’t think that i’m talking about things I don’t fully understand. So here we go, remember my blog right before this one where I said that I don’t do well with my emotions? Well, I am changing that with the help of Jesus of course and for that reason alone it will be hard to post. Ok so getting back on track, the example I am going to use is porn. Yes I have had a run in with that a few times before, don’t talk about it just for the fact that it is embarrassing and nasty! Thank God that Deliverance had come! Porn is running rampant and is only getting worse , not only that but porn is directly linked to sex trafficking and rape. BTW if you are struggling You need to get an accountability partner because as iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another. (real bible verse, pretty cool huh? proverbs 27:17) It’s no wonder why both porn and abortion are at the highest numbers ever. Porn KILLS MARRIAGES, KILLS RELATIONSHIPS, KILLS LOVE!


 When you ask someone why they like to watch, they will say there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s healthy and blah blah blah! Which leads me to my next point, just because something is acceptable by the world, doesn’t mean that it is good or the right thing to do. Isaiah 5:20 tells us “woe to those who call evil good and good evil”. I mean can we really expand any more on that? seems pretty cut and dry to me. In more simple terms though think about it like eating. We know that fruits and veggies are among the best to eat, but all of out lives we have had fast food joints, that most of us eat at on a regular basis. So we always tend to eat burgers and fries or fried chicken because they taste so good! That is killing our bodies surely and slowly. Now say the burgers are evil, the more you have the more it will destroy you and your way of thinking. (evil is a type of sin btw)  Which is why it is crucial that you have that personal relationship with Jesus (Kinda like a membership to the Gym) You can’t forget about the Holy Ghost (Kinda like your personal trainer) He will lead you in all things including what evil the world has called good. Going back to the topic about abortion, The right to choose weather or not your baby lives or dies is now considered a “good” thing – most will even praise that right! The fact still remains you are killing your child, and that is a clear definition of evil being called good. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should!


Love above all! Love will cast out evil, But you can’t Love until you know who Jesus is and how he loves you with an unconditional kinda love. Know Jesus Know Love. Evil will dissipate.  Good can never ever be evil, evil will never ever be good, however God can take that evil and turn it into good for His Glory. Think of a testimony!