Since living on the Navajo Nation for close to a year you begin to learn a lot of new things. Not only do you learn the area and the people, but you also learn about yourself! I quit a full time job working as a parts specialist to be here full time. When God told me to come out here it was with the group I have been with for about half of my life. I mean that’s not bad right? I’ve basically stayed at their house most of the day, practically lived there, left all of my stuff there anyways. So I can honestly say…..


Actually living with a different family other than your own biological can be challenging at times. You know what though? That makes it the best! We are all on the same page, yet we all have different personalities. The only way I can perceive that to be possible is through God, through is Holy Ghost living in us. We all have different abilities, we are all apart of the same body. One thing I had to get over is that, I think differently than everyone else and that is ok, everyone should think differently!  The other part of our team have been visiting their family on the east coast for the past month. Though it has been quiet, I still miss them and can’t wait for them to get back!


With that in mind, we are here to serve the Navajo people, to be a blessing as they quickly become blessings to us. When we hand things out to people, we get so many responses of gratitude. Just to show them that someone cares is really heat breaking! To be honest when I first came out here I thought it would have been so different. I thought that we would have lots of money to travel across the res. to give out stuff and to minister to remote places. The sad truth is, well we are broke! haha   Nobody here including me seems to mind. As long as we are in the peace of God we are good! we do go to church Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights along with Sunday mornings.  We still minister all day long and at church at night to a vast number of people. We always don’t see the result but the seed has been planted. When God calls you to something go ahead and get all preconceived ideas out of your head because only he knows what he has planned.