I may be a missionary inside the US but I still live in a third world country! When you tell most people that you are going to go be a missionary they ask where to and you say New Mexico they are like that’s nice but it’s not real mission work, in order to do that you must leave the country. I say they couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Over 1,800 people without electricity, nearly 40% live without running water, and not to mention the no jobs situation! A Third world inside of the greatest country in the world? What a shocker!

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Back in 1979 a dam busted and spilled 950,000,000 gallons of uranium waste into the river. Sound like the gold king spill? Since then the cancer rate has sky rocketed, I even heard of sheep headers walking in the river to guide their sheep back and them dying of “foot” cancer. Not only does that affect the ground water but it also seeps into the soil and stays there. People today in 2016 is still dying from what happened back in 1979 at church rock. For what? So the governments can have Nukes at the expense of thousands of innocent native Americans dying? What have they done to fix the problem? Well they just bought a rug and swept it under. To this day the Navajo (the largest reservation) have no rights to ground water. It can cost them 50k to 300k to build a well and have the water tested. I don’t know about you but that is a huge chunk of change, especially when jobs are no where to be found. Even when they get the well dug, there is a huge chance that they still can’t drink from it from the effects of Uranium. Babies to this day are being born with Uranium inside their system!! People drive hours just to haul water back to their house, which they use for drinking, cleaning, cooking, and takings baths. Most people don’t understand that, most people have no clue that this kind of stuff is happening right next to them! That’s only the tip of the iceberg for the wrong doing’s here. So again I say that we are missionary’s inside the USA living in a third world!