Alright so back to it! It’s been 2 whole weeks since I last wrote something. Frankly I can’t say that I had anything to write about, or I could say it was because we had a mission team down staying with us and we were super busy! A writers gotta write no matter what right?

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We had a mission team come down all the way from Alabama, we know this team, we worked with this team for years. Every time that we get a chance to work together we are all excited because we know that we will have a great and fun time together! They brought down some rain water capture barrels for our up and coming gardens. You know we dug holes and chocked up some rocks with sand blowing in our eyes no biggie right? Try that in New Mexico. haha i’m just kidding, it wasn’t all that horrible. Working in teams can be a fun experience, you get to meet people and get to know them a lot better. We usually split off into teams during the day to get more work accomplished, except for the digging of said hole we all took turns digging. We ended up digging a 48″ hole through hard dirt and rock. And I would like to add we dug that hole like Champions!

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Half of us built a house around the water tank while the other half worked on getting the gutters rerouted. The design of the new gutter system is to take all the existing gutters down, and to run them around the top of the warehouse to the back side where some pipes go and feeds into the water tanks. That’s not all the technical terms, but it’s the way I would describe it if I had to tell anyone. The team that built the house around the tank included myself and 2 other guys, we would joke that we were only the worker bees because we didn’t get into any of the details. I myself was perfectly okay with that! I almost forgot to tell you about the vision for the community gardens as well as the personal gardens. We plan on planting 28 trees for a wind break on the back side of the gardens, while adding to it down the road. The garden I believe will be resized to make it bigger. Like I said I don’t know all of the terms or really any of the details. But from the way it sounds, it is going to be a huge garden full of fruits and veggies, full of trees, and full of opportunities to feed people and to show them that someone does care and that we do it because of the love of Christ in our hearts.

My team bonded a lot, on breaks we would throw the football around, sit around and talk, and twice we played some call of duty on the xbox  at night when everything was done. The rest of the nights we were in church. I can’t really speak of the other team because well, I wasn’t with them as they worked, but it looked like they were having a blast as well. All and all it was a fantastic week full of work, fun, laughs, bonding, and God. I am thankful for the time that we all had to spend together!

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