I stated writing this 3 days ago with nothing to talk about or so I thought. It began by saying that I had felt like I had just written a blog and the next time I checked it 7 days had already passed. WE are so busy around here most days, that one day will feel like 2 days sometimes. You just kinda lose track of time and before you know it a whole week will have gone by. I keep thinking to myself, like I need to write, I should write a blog and then I never do. I use excuse after excuse to keep from writing when all I really need to do is just do it no matter what time of day it is. Running a foodbank, picking up food, cleaning, yardwork, church almost every night, bible studies every night, helping with my brother and sisters kids, It’s really hard to find time to get alone to think and to write with a clear head. I think all writers are different as they should be, but I also think that they should all learn to write in very loud environments.  Find time out of your busy day!

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Now on my desktop, I have 6 unfinished word documents that I have been neglecting to write, that includes 2 books. The reason I haven’t finished them is because I have found other things that take its place. I’m not talking about the mission field or the work that we do here, but the things like movies, video games, just sitting around. Granted if we do watch movies or whatnot it’s at night after all work has been completed. That stuff has been taking a front seat while my writing skills have been taking the back seat. Back when I wasn’t a full time missionary living on the mission field, I would go off to get away to write. So it’s just harder to write now, is that because of my own ignorance? I bet that I could find time to write, either I write through the noise, skip the games, write through a movie (as I am now), or stay up all night writing. One thing that I am sure of is that I have to continue to write and continue to keep growing. I encourage everyone who reads this to keep writing, even if you think that it’s not good!