Yay, this is my first blog of 2017! Laying in bed thinking about,” I should have written a blog to close out 2016, and words started flowing in my mind”. If you’re a writer you know all to well what that’s like, for me it happens all of the time. Mostly the thoughts just flow in the shower and like later on you can’t remember one word. I joke all the time about putting a chalkboard in there to write down thoughts, but I just don’t think that would work out. SO….
It’s 1:20 a.m. here, all of the other missionary’s are in bed and my mind won’t let me sleep until I get this off my chest, because Lord knows I won’t remember it in the morning. Or it could be the 4 cups of coffee I had tonight. Anyways, on new year’s eve we don’t go out and party, we stay in and pray/worship the new year in, so that God will have his way! To some people I could see how that would sound silly, I to, think that it’s just another day! When you stop and think about it, it’s another year full of seasons, full of all kinds of new stuff, it is new! (I don’t know any other way to put it, other than that) Let’s say you have the top of the line phone, and it breaks so you get a new one just like it, it’s the same, but it’s not really the same one… Sorry that’s some poor explaining so let me get on to what I want to say….
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I would like to say thank you to all 9 of my followers for, well you know, following me. At times I often wonder, “what am I even doing?” like why am I still writing on a blog site when I never get new followers? Sometimes it is very dishearting writing and writing when only a couple of people like it or even view it… In those times God reminds me that even If Jesus had to die on the cross for just me that He would still do it no questions asked! Praise God for that right!! I could write for years and have one person follow me and that would be just fine. (I am being serious and not sarcastic)
Just a side note for a minute about sarcasm, it’s a Greek verb that meant to tear flesh like a dog, to bite one’s lip in rage, to gnash one’s teeth… When you use sarcasm it is an utterance designed to cut or give pain to someone… God has not called us to use sarcasm, sarcasm is, no brainer, a tool of the devil for Christians who think it’s ok… When you are always sarcastic, what does that say about you to other people? People are not going to take any of your advice, even if they say they will! Fact of the matter you can’t trust a sarcastic person…. It’s sad but true….. The bible teaches on it You are meant to have Joy and not gnashing of teeth! Don’t let your good be evil spoken of….   It’s the next day from when I wrote this, I was proof reading and felt lead to explain what sarcasm means. So take it up with God and not me… 🙂
I use to care about how many “likes” I get or how many “views” I get, but in reality that isn’t what really counts, what really counts is faithfulness. If I were to quit because I didn’t have a big following, what about the one that could have really used what I had to say? What about myself? I mean a writer has to write, but also a Christian has to lead people to Christ. If I didn’t use this gift that my Father has given to me, how many people would never hear the truth? How many people would go to hell because I quit writing for the lack of popularity? And I thank God that He continues to lift me up when I feel down or when I feel like quitting!! So in 2017 I will continue to write and I will continue to bring my own personal studies into my blogs. I learn as I put my heart and my soul into this, the reason that I write about my studies or my life is because I am excited about what i have or am learning about God/Jesus/Holy Ghost… And I love to see how my life is changing/growing, and I want other people to experience what I do! If I only get one like on a blog post, I am very excited because I know that someone read it and that I am making a difference in someone’s life, If they view it, that’s planting a seed in their life. With that being said, if I had to choose between, changing what I write about to gain a million followers and lose my soul or chose to keep it the same with only one follower, that one follower would win every single time. I am not in it for the “likes” but for the saving of the souls. I find Joy when others succeed, I find Joy in people learning, I find Joy in people coming to Christ, I find Joy I God, I find Joy in my followers, I find Joy in my writings… My Joy doesn’t come from my “likes” (don’t get me wrong likes are a form of encouragement but don’t get your Joy from there)
To all the people who read my blogs, I am very thankful for your support and I appreciate it more than you know!
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