I do believe that Music is a very controversial topic, even more than that, secular vs Christian. I just want to put it out there that I am not a musician, I live with a couple of them, but still pretty much clueless on how to play instruments. With that out of the way let’s get started shall we? P.S. I’m against secular music… If I didn’t lose you keep reading.

Believe it or not people usually puts their heart and soul behind the music they make, whatever spirit that person has on them will come out whenever you listen to that song. As Christians, that’s why it is important that you guard what comes into your spirit. The bible teaches us to lift on another up with Spiritual song and hymns, not to degrade one another. Music can be a great thing, it is a fantastic thing actually, music that uplifts, music that makes bad days seem brighter. If you’re not a Holy Ghost filled Christian, that might not make a lot of sense to you yet. Back in the day I would listen to a mix of Christian and secular, one of the Christian bands that I started listing to was FM Static. It wasn’t a spiritual song per-say, the people behind it was Christian. I don’t listen to them anymore on account I don’t relate to it anymore, I’ve grown in my Christian walk. That was a… well a gateway, and I started to branch out and listen to more Christian music and less secular. Which is why I wouldn’t condemn anyone for listening to “Christian” music.

The more I grew in the Lord the more my music changed to where I don’t even care about listening to secular songs anymore, in fact now when I listen to them, I see how dumb the lyrics are and how self-centered they are…  I liked to worship to bands like Jeremy camp, Rush of fools, Kutless, bands like that! In the Christian music industry they try to teach you that only bands like Hillsong and Bethel are allow for “worship” while that could be the case, don’t sell into that lie. The truth is you can worship to anything the spirit leads you to. I’m not a fan of Hillsong and Bethel, but that doesn’t mean that my brother or sister won’t be. I’m not saying weather there is or is not anything wrong with them 2, just basically saying don’t fall into the lie of, if you’re a true Christian they would be your favorite and you have to worship to them…

Just remember to let the spirit led you in all things including your music. of course some secular songs may sound good but once you have the spirit, it will sound like rubbish because of the spirits that are in the song. Have you ever wondered why depressed people listen to depressing music? IT KEEPS THEM DEPRESSED!  Wonder why so many killers and drug users listen to rap? IT KEEPS THEM BONDED TO THAT SPIRIT! and the list can just keep going!    It’s time to reset and restart your mind!