This one goes out to one of my friends who can’t be here (in the states). It has been over a year since I last saw him/her and the last time I saw him/her was at a place called private property back east. One of the few places that you could get a gator burger, first time that I ever had gator actually! We didn’t hang out all that much, but when we did we sure had a great time! You introduced me to my very first gator burger, my first cheese danish at starbucks, and some new places that I’ve never tried. You are missed by me, not only me, but all of your friends! We understand that you can’t be here because of things beyond your control! I am glad that you are doing great work where you are, and that you are still following Gods heart! That says a lot about you, most of the time when life gives you the bad hand, people will just give up, but you didn’t. You are a fantastic person with a very big heart! And I feel honored to call you my friend!  I am truly sorry that we couldn’t spend more time together.


I still remember when we first met at San Jose, I had no clue what you were thinking when I came in there to eat like almost everyday. “Being like, why is this dude always coming here, he must really enjoy the food…” The food was and still is amazing there, but to be quite honest, that’s not why I went there almost everyday. I know that God has big plans for me here on the Navajo Nation and big plans for you in Panama, but that still doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want to go back to late night walks on the dam, with some hot coco after… Not saying I want to go against Gods plans, I really don’t want to end up like Jonah. I know that you are having a hard time readjusting to the different culture there and I really do wish that someday’s I could just call you up to go somewhere. When we talk and you tell me that you are having a bad day or a bad feeling, I wish I could be there to help you feel better. I can’t and that hurts because when one of my true friends hurts, I just want to be there to make them feel better…



I knew that we would become great friends when we would set and talk about traveling the world as missionary’s. Maybe one day, still haven’t given up hope!  To be honest, I’m sitting here writing this in a room full of people and i’m on the verge of tears! shhh! don’t tell anyone, can’t mess up my “man hood”  who am I kidding that’s over rated! I’m not the type of guy who is usually emotional, but writing this reminiscing about all the good times. If I wrote about everything that I remember it would be like 3 pages long. I forget small details, but I don’t forget the important details…  I know that I keep dragging on, so in short, I miss you and I wished you were here! I am truly grateful that you are my friend, no matter how many miles are in between us. Friends are still friends and no amount of miles can change that!