I haven’t written a blog in 10 days, seems like forever though. There’s no reason to not write except for laziness. Who knows having a break could do you some good, can you write too much and burn yourself out?

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Anyhow, I’m about to board a plane tomorrow for the east coast, going to see my family and my niece (Which I haven’t seen in 8 long months). I’m going home to visit for a whole month! A whole month away from New Mexico, A whole month with my family. I’m leaving my other family here on the reservation, so tomorrow should be a happy yet, a sad day. My sister already has a list made out for all day tomorrow. It’s a 2 hours drive to the airport from where we stay, and needless to say everyone is excited to get to go to a big town again haha! Trader Joes, Wholefoods, bestbuy, Music stores, Christian bookstores, we don’t have any of that here in Gallup. So it looks like I should have a big lunch before I get to the airport. (smiley face)

If a month flies by there like it does here, It will only seem like a day has went by, So this trip I going to try to make the most out of it as I can. All I know is that I will have a very hard time leaving my niece again, she will be 9 months old when I get there. I don’t like being away from her, I would like to watch her grow up, but God has called me here. Some people may think that sounds harsh, when they have it completely turned around. If I didn’t listen to God and be where He wants me to be, how could I possibly love her? It would be impossible to, to defy what God wants for my flesh? That’s why it’s important to die daily to your flesh and to renew your mind each and every day. After all God is the creator of love, the true love! If I didn’t love God, I couldn’t’ possibly love anyone else. You can’t truly love someone unless you love God first and put His plan for your life before anything else!  People may think that you don’t care or that you are just a bad person, but they who say such things never look through the other persons eyes as to what they must be feeling. The heart is wicked above all things who could understand It?