I’m going to be in and out of the blog as I think and reflect on God’s goodness… A peak inside of my head if you will… By the way, I just bought a new phone, a moto z and guess what no headphone jack.  So I’m using some wireless beats that my brother bought me, no offense to him but beats are poor quality sound. My plan was to buy some headphones before the trip, but that never happened. Maybe if I had some decent headphones I wouldn’t be writing this blog, I’ll be out cold! oh well! :))


I’m currently on a plane from Dallas to Columbia, and I am at peace, like really at peace! My last trip home I had to fly the same route except for last time I wasn’t alone, something else was with me, a nasty thing called fear. I’m not sure where or how it snuck in, but it was there. Oh course I rebuked it and it went away or so I thought. Flying home again now it was there to greet me again. I don’t know if I didn’t rebuke it hard enough last time or what. So this time I also rebuked it and talked to God on the whole trip from ABQ to Dallas, and it’s gone!! So praise God! I mean I’ve flown before and never had that fear there, so I don’t know what made that freaking spirit come in. I am a child of God, and God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but of love and of a sound mind!

The thing about fear is once you let it in, it will find a spot and get comfortable there! It will ear your mind away until there is nothing left, you can’t let fear dictate your life. Finding that fear will burn , it will hurt, and it will be so uncomfortable. You must get it out of your system before it completely destroys you! Fear isn’t from God, you should fear nothing but God! You know the Bible says not to put your trust in man, instead put your trust into God’s hands! For His are the only ones that really matters anyways. Man will fail, God will never fail!


I’m not trying to get to graphic here but if something did or didn’t happen I am at peace, because I know the King I serve and He is bigger that anything! I know where I’m going when I die, don’t wanna go just yet. Who am I to deny the one who holds the stars in His hands? He holds me in His hands! Fear no evil! And in about 1 hour I’ll safely be on the ground for my family to meet me! I can’t wait until I see my niece, who is 9 months old now!


Oh yeah by the way, Dallas is so beautiful at night from the sky! Not to take away from God’s beauty, but man made stuff can be beautiful as well. God is truly amazing, to look out and see how truly small we really are in comparison to the things God has made. Of course I can’t see anything besides lights on the ground, but it’s enough!


Yay! I think we are descending now! Although about 20 minutes back, the lights went out then came back on, not sure what that was about. Anywho, I’m so excited to see Peyton, my niece, and of course the rest of my family! Although it was hard leaving my other family behind! Like I said in my last blog a sad but happy day!