How many people like to just sit down and watch people? I am one of those people, I could sit down sip on coffee and watch people all day long hahah! Maybe not all day but you get my drift. Is that me being creepy or me being noisy? I really wouldn’t call it neither.

When I see a person doing something that I think is odd, I use to judge them and call them crazy. I have since then grown up, now I just want to know their story. Everyone has one, no matter how interesting they think it is or not, it is still a story.

It’s their story!

I’m currently sitting in a Toyota Dealership waiting for an airbag recall to get done. It is a favor that I am doing for my mother. Not really a favor, because I don’t mind doing it and I don’t even mind the wait time either. On the plus side I get all the free coffee that I want while I wait (not the best coffee, but it’ll do it’s job). I was planning on doing a blog when I got here, but I had no clue what to even write about. I was sitting down watching this guy in front of me and it hit me! What is his story? We are sitting at pub style tables, and I was watching him swing his legs like he was having fun and I looked down and my legs were doing the same thing. It got me to thinking, “do we invent stuff to bring back the inner kid inside of us?”

be the person that you needed when you were young.jpg

As a kid I remember sitting there on the couch with my legs not long enough to hit the ground, just swinging them, wishing they were long enough to hit the ground so I could feel more “adult like”. Watching this man triggered that memory and I thought “do we invent stuff to make us feel young again?” I don’t know about you but I’m 28, yet I still like to do some of the same stuff as I did as a kid, such as sitting in a pub chair swinging my legs. Could that be why God has said to become as little children, so that we don’t lose our innocents? So that we don’t lose our trust, that we don’t lose our mind.

you are not a pretzel

The everyday adult world is filled with stress and worry. To easily do we get caught up in all of the nonsense that the world tries to implode on us. The world will mold us and shape us in the way that it sees fit, instead we need to focus on God and let Him mold us into who He has called us to be! It’s one thing to be who we want to be but it will take true courage to become the person God has made you since the womb.We have a saying in our mission team, “let go of all expatiations and what you think you know” If you go into something with your past mind set, you are most likely going to stick to that mind set no mater what. Which is why it is crucial that we renew our minds daily if not more. God’s way isn’t easy, but it sure is beautiful and well worth it! I wouldn’t want to miss a beat of it either!

“Let me become who you have in mind God!”

Going back to the title of this blog, not that I went off track or anything like that. 🙂 Everyone has a story, so never judge anyone by what they look like or what they are doing. Not to say that you still can’t hate their sin, by all means hate that! What I am saying is that no matter what we say or do, our past does define who we are now, only until you truly know Jesus Christ can you change. He’s the only one who can change your way of thinking and your habits.

When I people watch, I don’t have any thought before hand, instead I just make up my own story about them. (I don’t stick to it or even believe it). I just do it for fun really, probably because I’m bored, or probably because I’m looking for new ideas for books. Stories are just stories until they are proven, and everybody has one to prove. In the Christian world we have a word for the way God has shaped and molded them, it’s called testimonies. I didn’t say that to belittle testimonies, that’s something I wouldn’t dare do. It’s true though, a testimonies is a really strong and encouraging story. 🙂  Write the heck out of your life!


“Stories are just stories until they are proven”


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