The last couple of days have been oh so long! I rode back out to New Mexico with a friend and the car ride was well not very good to say the least. For one I don’t like being in cars that much especially on long road trips. I for one am a firm believer in hotels, you get a good night’s rest, you get a hot shower, and a hot breakfast! Wherever you are going to, will still be there tomorrow, but it’s quite possible that you will not be if you wreck. For number 2, I was stuck in a car for 27 hours (so boring)! I know riding with someone and splitting gas is the cheapest option and I want to honestly say it won’t happen again but, I can’t because I don’t know. By the way I’m still talking about just the car ride not the people. 
A mission team came out here… hmmmmm… Not just any mission team but our mission team, the team we have been with for years. Calling them just a mission team doesn’t seem right, they are more like a distant family. Today we went to church in Little Water, which is about an hour and half from here, came back, ate sandwiches (Thank You D!), Planted close to 30 trees, and brought all of the wood from the warehouse to the gardens. This week is going to be a busy week, but when you think about the long run of things, it’s more like a busy few seconds. The gardens and trees we are establishing will be here forever basically. We are sent here to feed the hungry right? Serve the poor! What better way than a garden?

What do missionary’s do?

They help people Right? 
When people think about missionary’s they think about a group of people going someplace to help other poor people. That is right, but not entirely… When you have a team, that team has to be connected to each other before they can help anyone else. If your team doesn’t get along and is always fighting, sure you can spend all the money that you want, but does it truly mean anything? We are blessed to have a smooth sailing team, the team has to be in unity if not the armor is weakened and it will show. Everyone on the team should have the same heart goal, not only to make the community a better place but, to make each other a better person. We just talked about the rich young ruler and how Jesus told him to give all that we had to the poor, yet the man walked away sad. The rich young ruler thought he was doing everything right, he thought that by giving here and there to the poor made him a good person, and to the world he might have been. The fact of the matter still remains; he couldn’t give up his money for Jesus. A lot of the missionary’s today think by going on the mission field is “enough” and they are so wrong, many of them are just like the rich young ruler. To be a missionary you have to forsake everything and fully depend on God. It doesn’t have to be money, it could be girls, cars, stress, fear, and ect… It is sin nature to say that we love God and money, we want to go to heaven, yet we can’t leave the things that pull us away from God. God want’s all of you 100%, He doesn’t share His glory with another.