I this way to often, “can we go back to the old days where everything was better?” Were they really better though?
I’ve said it a lot, never knew what it really meant, never really cared to either! This is your life live it to the best of your ability! Your past does define who you are, it molds you into the person that you are today. The person that you are today should be ever changing, and never becoming complacent. Your past doesn’t define your future, what defines your future is the present. What you do now will start to define your future self. Second chances are your friend, they give you another try at life, at something that you didn’t grasp before. If you go back to like it was in the old days, what about the hundreds of people that you’ve helped along the way? We would have no clue what would happen if we all had that option to go back and change whatever we wanted. There are plenty of TV shows about what would and what wouldn’t happen, the fact still remains that we don’t truly know nor can we comprehend. We always like to see the good that it could do and always leave out the bad. As much as I don’t like it along with anyone else, mistakes do happen and some mistakes you have to live with. That’s our free will, our sin nature. Things will never be the same! When you become a Christian and you go back into sin, you will never be the same either.
Up until a couple of years ago, I have always wanted to live in New York. (I still want to visit) A city that never sleeps, a city where you can basically have anything that you want! A place where you didn’t have to own a car, you can just walk, ride the subway, or get a taxi. All of that just blew my mind. I had my mind made up: move to NYC, make lot’s of money and have a nice place. None of that worked out, now I’m a missionary in New Mexico, no job, living in the dorms inside of a warehouse. It’s the complete opposite of what I wanted, but at least the state still starts with NEW! I’m not sure if that’s God messing with me or not haha! (I’m just kidding, I don’t believe God would participate in foolish jesting)
As of right now I like where I am and I like my life and I wouldn’t want to change it. I just got back on the mission field after visiting my family back on the east coast, being there for a month and a half made me realize somethings I haven’t given much thought to. When I was down there, I replace some flooring, re-done a bathroom, put up a fence, framed and put down a floor in a shed with a new door. These are the things I use to say, “I would just pay someone to come do it.” But you know ever since my dad and grandpa passed over to the other side, someone has to take care of such things, some things I had no clue what I was doing, so I just jumped in and acted like I knew what I was doing. I’m not boasting, but some of the work turns out fantastic. The things people don’t see is the flaws, the mistakes, the trails and errors, and the uncertainty. The same goes for our life, people see who we are now and not our flaws, our mistakes, our trails and errors, and the uncertainty we’ve had. That makes me, me and that’s what make you, you! We all have testimonies, we all have had a not so perfect life.
When we dwell on our past, we can never move forward. Your mistakes should be there to help others learn what not to do.