Being a missionary things go without saying….

Things that need to be done get done, usually without asking or questioning. No matter if we have our whole group or just a couple, things still get done. I was away for 6 weeks visiting family, and things still got done. Now 5 of us are back east for a week and a half, for an unexpected circumstance. Anywho, we are still functioning as a well equipped team, We pick up the slack, without saying. It makes it a little harder, but not a single person complains.


We have a week to go with just us 3 guys here running things, sorting clotes, digging up weeds, working in the yard, running the food bank, bible studies, and handing out produce. Everything is running smoothly, no hiccups, and no complaining. Which is an awesome thing to see! The community that we serve is so cool btw! Two different people bought us pizza just because. We are here to serve our community, but it’s so cool when the community starts giving back. It took us a while to build trust here, but as soon as you’re trusted, you’re trusted. Ya know? It really does blow my mind.

mind blown

The week is over and I have dug up a lot of weeds! Yay! But seriously, That was a lot of hard work. These weeds aren’t just any weeds, They are pretty weeds. When they first start growing they are purple, like flowers and that will trick you if you are not careful. After they are full grown, they over take everything and turn this nasty brown color. Plus when they start growing, you can’t see the snakes or the spiders. and who wants to be bit right?
Isn’t  sin the same way? At first sin looks so enticing, looks so wonderful, most people want to keep it. Even though there are snakes larking at every turn. After a while that sin will turn you into those dark brown weeds. Digging up weeds in the hot desert sun isn’t so much fun, it’s a lot of work, very time consuming. Sin is the same way, we must deal with it before it grows into full maturity. Just like David with Bathsheba, that one look got David into a whole mess of sin, he was vexed and couldn’t see what he was really doing. David didn’t dig up that small beautiful weed, but yet he let it grew into something that he couldn’t control any longer. God eventually sent a prophet named Nathan to tell King David what he was doing was wrong. That’s when he started to tear down the weeds in his life. He repented for what he had done to God and that sin followed King David for the rest of his life. 1st Samuel 11-12



I just can’t help but think of how many Christians get vexed because of the “pretty flowers”? Dealing with sin always burns, but it must be done in order for you to continue to grow in Christ.