Have you ever heard the song by Casting Crowns, its’ a slow fade? That song has been coming to my mind all week, and I just now listened to the whole song, via youtube. I would dare say that it is a excellent song and lots of truth! I first heard the song on fireproof (In my top 5 favorite movies), but it was only the verse it’s a slow fade when you give yourself away. I mean come on how much truth is beyond that statement? One of the things that he says in the song is “be careful little ears what you hear, be careful little eyes what you see”… Instead we should be praying God let me see what you see and hear what you hear….  As a christian is it important for us to watch what kinda of things we allow into our spirit. Ahhh, a bad movie here, a secular song there, a little something on the internet won’t hurt….

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Well……   That’s a lie that we tell ourselves almost on a daily basis, which is why we must renew our minds and pray without ceasing, so that we don’t wind up missing the mark. Sin will always multiply if you don’t put a stop to it, and it will become a slow fade that you won’t even see! One day you wake up and you realize that small voice you once heard is now so distant, it’s just a memory.  Sin is fun for a season, and leads to eternal damnation.

   There is Hope, there is always Hope!


If you follow my writings, then you know the other day I was asking myself if my heart was really in it (for the Navajo) anymore? My answer would have been yes (let your yes be yes and no be no)…  My answer is yes, but I was caught in a “Slow Fade” I was starting to treat my missionary life as the world’s view of normal, instead of God’s normal! I’ve been seeking Gods face this past week about it, and I asked Him to change my heart again, for a refresher! And guess what? God never disappoints, But you have to meet Him, He won’t do it by Himself. I could ask God all day for a change, But until I actaully make a step to change, that’s when He steps in. That’s like a lazy man sitting in a chair all day long asking you for help, all the while relaxing, wanting you to do all the work. God isn’t a genie that you rub, make a wish, and then put Him back into hiding. His name is to be shouted from the roof tops for all to hear.

Slow fades can and do happen (not saying it should), I would also dare say that slow fades harden your heart harder than just jumping in head first, for the simple fact that you don’t really recognize it, until it’s to late. You should have a constant fire burning inside of you so intense that all the oceans in the world couldn’t even put out the embers flying off.


Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty, for everthing in the heavens and the earth is Yours. Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and You exalt Yourself as head above all. 1st chronicles 29:11 (MEV)

PS. You should probably watch fireproof.. 🙂