How many of you know the story of the parable of the talents? You can read it in Matthew 25:14-30, but I’m just going to give a quick run down. A master has 3 servants, to one he gives 10 talents, to another 5 talents, and the last one he only give 1 talent. The one with 10 talents doubled his, the servant with 5 talents doubled his, yet the servant with only 1 talent, he not only kept his but buried it and saved it.

Some of ya’ll might be thinking the servant with 1 was the smart one, He only had 1 if he had lost that one then he would have been out of luck, the other servants had plenty right? If they were to lose one or two, it wouldn’t seem so bad. That logic makes sense right? Yes no maybe….  ummm?!?!


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That master expected something in return, he expected them to use what he had given them. It is no different with the gifts that God gives us, God has given each and every one of us gifts, but it’s up to us to find them and use them. “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God, which is in you by the laying on of my hands. For God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear but of power, and love, and self-control.” 2nd Timothy 1:6-7  That’s almost like, let’s say… I’m broke and have no food in my house, my mom gives me $100 for food, yet I put the money up for a “safe day” and continue to be hungry. I will eventually starve right? I can’t be afraid to go to the store and use the money to buy what I desperately needed. Your gift is no different, when God gives you a gift He expects you to use it to your full ability. He wants you to search it out and find out what it means to have the gift in which he has given you. He’s not doing that to be some kind of jerk, He want’s to see that you are putting the effort towards Him and your gift and your calling. (by working for it)




At one time in my life I was that lazy slothful servant, I knew what my gift was, yet I buried it and hid it away. I mainly hid it because I could be out doing something much more fun and entertaining. I didn’t want to be the guy to sit around for hours just writing my heart and soul onto pages. I thought that stuff was just for girls and lazy emotional guys… So much for that! 🙂  For me one of the gifts that God has given me is to write, and I like to write. There are times where I don’t feel like writing, and sometimes I don’t, it can be hard work and time consuming. You know how many other things I could be doing besides sitting down to write? hundreds! Like eating lot’s of popcorn. JK


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In all seriousness, there is a difference in your calling and your gifts and they are to be used for the glory of God. After all He is the one that gave them to you. He knows what you are capable of before you even begin to think about it.  God knows the end from the beginning. You can’t give your gifts and callings back to the giver, but if you bury them, God will pass you over and use someone else in place of you. He doesn’t delight in that because that is meant to be you. And one thing that you don’t want to do is be outside of Gods will.


seek God


So… it doesn’t matter if He only gives you 1 or 10, use them and show that you are thankful and use it. He will give you more once you have proven that you care enough to do what He has called you to do to begin with in the first place.  And just remember that there is something about you that God passed over everyone else in the world just for you. Ask yourself why and seek Gods face about it. He won’t turn you away and He definitely won’t give you the American answer, I don’t know….  God delights in our asking, so ask away, cast fear out of the way and just say YES LORD!