I use to be on here all of the time writing and reading different blogs, but as of lately I just haven’t had the desire to write anything…. And I’m not sure why, that’s my thing, I write because frankly, I write better that I speak. I’ve always said I don’t want to be one of those writers who just writes with nothing to say…. I have a confession to make, I did what I said I wouldn’t do. In fact it was my last blog called Righteousness, if you couldn’t tell my heart wasn’t in it. I wrote it because I thought that I needed to. Fact is if it’s not coming from my heart, I shouldn’t be saying it let alone writing it. Pretending to write isn’t fooling anyone, except yourself. Your discontentment will show up in it.


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Your heart is desperately wicked and it will mislead you into a lot of things if you are not careful. Which is why it is so important to let God take over your heart fully, Once God has your heart, it will be hard to not listen to God. I mean you can still go at it your own way because you have a free will, but once God has your heart it will be hard. It’s almost like you set out and you have a mind to do what ever you want no matter what God says. Being honest with God you must also be honest with yourself, it’s impossible to go one way. If you are not honest with yourself, there is no way to ever be honest before God. Usually when someone is being dishonest with you they can’t be honest with there own self. Truly without God no one can be honest. Without God being supreme in your life, you create a bubble of lies that will be your reality, the worst part, you won’t even know it.



We need to face it, if we are not moving forward with our walk with God then we are backsliding. There isn’t a way around it. The longer you stay in one place the farther you get away from the cross. Well on that statement, we shouldn’t be lingering at the cross anyways. If you come to the cross (Jesus) and you die to your old self, then why on earth would you want to stay at the cross with that stench? You keep moving forward and leave that there, and don’t look back. The flesh will always try to call you back to where you once were, that includes standing still long enough to listen to it. Everyday you have a choice on what to do, everyday you have the choice of listening to God or your flesh. I’ve been there, standing in the same spot at least that’s what I thought. I longer you stay in place the less you hear from God. God’s on the next level waiting for you while you stay on the level below, and you began to hear less and less, because without realizing it your slipping back down to the last level. And that my friend is called complicacy, afraid of taking the next step and staying where you feel comfortable, inside of your own little box. The sooner you realize it and tear that box down the better off you’ll be, trust me. Being inside of that box, you are your own door keeper, you take over and you let what you want in and what you want out, instead of letting Jesus be your door keeper. It’s just not a good move. A very selfish move.


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So in conclusion be completely honest with yourself and open before God and keep pressing forward. This life is a race, but we don’t run for first place we run to the finish line. When you see someone down, pick them up and keep going, encourage each other. Don’t be selfish, you’ll just end up hurting yourself and others. We need to strive for the high calling of God not the lowest calling. The deeper you seek God the deeper He will revile Himself to you. Deep cries out to deep. It’s not enough to just seek God, but instead  seek Him with all of your heart. When your heart isn’t in it your just doing it in vain. (which is true in anything that you do) (and people can tell)…….

On that note stay clean, have a pure heart, and don’t do anything unless your heart is in it. Put your trust in God, and let His peace wash over you.  Just remember it’s not about you it’s about giving Glory to God, so you represent Him not yourself. It always has to be less of you and more of God. Sacrifice for increase.