My last trip to South Carolina, hmmm what a trip… What to say


I went into it with the wrong kind of mind set, I went thinking that I was going on vacation. A vacation from the mission field…. There is one problem with that, a vacation from the mission field…. That’s not possible unless you start to drift away from God. I was talking to God earlier and I said if your presence goes I don’t wanna stay, and if your presence stays I don’t wanna go… And it hit me like a ton of bricks, we are suppose to stay inside of His presence. No matter where we are at, no matter where we go, we should bring His presence into the place. We should light the place on fire and not the opposite.  I do say vacations can still happen, but not without God, not without worship, and not without the word of God.


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Sometimes, we get so busy that we totally miss the point of what we are doing and why. We get so overwhelmed, so consumed, in what we are doing that we forget about everything else. It’s pretty sad in reality. The longer I was down there, the more work I was doing and the more frustrated I would become. The more frustrated I became, the less I talked to God about it and the less I dug into His Word about it. I should have been doing the complete opposite when I got frustrated. No matter how hard the times may get, it’s important not to lose your Joy in the midst of it. If you’re not in the presence of God, then what is the point? And really I mean that, without God, everything that you do is pointless and profits absolutely nothing. Life is so boring, so dull without God/without the Holy Ghost.


On that note, I can’t think of anymore to say on the topic. So just remember when on vacation, don’t drift. Stay diligent….   and here’s another Gif, why? because I can 🙂

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