Limitless Love

Keyboard under my finger tips

Ahhh!  I'm bank in my old stoppin' grounds as they would say. It feels so good to have the keyboard back under my finger tips, it has been way to long. Siting on a black leather couch (think fake leather)... Continue Reading →


I'm going to be in and out of the blog as I think and reflect on God's goodness... A peak inside of my head if you will... By the way, I just bought a new phone, a moto z and guess... Continue Reading →

Who can understand the heart, but the creator?

I haven't written a blog in 10 days, seems like forever though. There's no reason to not write except for laziness. Who knows having a break could do you some good, can you write too much and burn yourself out?... Continue Reading →

To a great friend

This one goes out to one of my friends who can't be here (in the states). It has been over a year since I last saw him/her and the last time I saw him/her was at a place called private... Continue Reading →

Set the standard

This thought inspired blog was encouraged driving down the road, I was thinking to myself, why am I going the speed limit when no one else seems to care?  Of course, I live on the reservation where the speed limit... Continue Reading →


I do believe that Music is a very controversial topic, even more than that, secular vs Christian. I just want to put it out there that I am not a musician, I live with a couple of them, but still... Continue Reading →

Thank you to 2016, and you’re welcome 2017!

Yay, this is my first blog of 2017! Laying in bed thinking about," I should have written a blog to close out 2016, and words started flowing in my mind". If you're a writer you know all to well what... Continue Reading →

What does Healing even mean?

This is one topic that I've been feeling led to write for awhile now and I'm not going to give you an explanation as to why. The only thing that matters now is that I'm writing it now. Healing and... Continue Reading →

Can we just “wing” everything?

"Wingin" it, that has so many definitions so let's start off with what google has to say!  "To wing it is an idiom that means to improvise, to do something without proper preparation or time to rehearse. People often talk... Continue Reading →

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