Limitless Love

No more walls

I've had this written for about half a month now, yet I still haven't posted it. I've actually haven't written in months, since this anyways. For me this is a lot more vulnerable than anything I have ever spoken about.... Continue Reading →


Vacation time

My last trip to South Carolina, hmmm what a trip... What to say   I went into it with the wrong kind of mind set, I went thinking that I was going on vacation. A vacation from the mission field....... Continue Reading →

What is your worth?

Priceless, everyone is literally priceless. There is a movie and a song out called priceless and that is where this inspiration comes from. I like the line by For King And Country, that goes like this, "mirror mirror on the... Continue Reading →


I use to be on here all of the time writing and reading different blogs, but as of lately I just haven't had the desire to write anything.... And I'm not sure why, that's my thing, I write because frankly,... Continue Reading →

Pursuing Righteousness

Pursuing Righteousness means what exactly? I understand that righteousness is a good thing, but how good and how deep does it actually go? I say "be righteous", because God is righteous and we are meant to pursue righteousness. So to... Continue Reading →


I was outback digging up weeds a few days ago, listening to music and just began to think, not on earthly things but things above. One of the things that God showed me was that, the truth will set you... Continue Reading →

Gifts and callings

  How many of you know the story of the parable of the talents? You can read it in Matthew 25:14-30, but I'm just going to give a quick run down. A master has 3 servants, to one he gives... Continue Reading →

A Slow Fade

Have you ever heard the song by Casting Crowns, its' a slow fade? That song has been coming to my mind all week, and I just now listened to the whole song, via youtube. I would dare say that it... Continue Reading →

Things go without saying

Being a missionary things go without saying.... Things that need to be done get done, usually without asking or questioning. No matter if we have our whole group or just a couple, things still get done. I was away for... Continue Reading →

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