Limitless Love

Gifts and callings

  How many of you know the story of the parable of the talents? You can read it in Matthew 25:14-30, but I'm just going to give a quick run down. A master has 3 servants, to one he gives... Continue Reading →

A Slow Fade

Have you ever heard the song by Casting Crowns, its' a slow fade? That song has been coming to my mind all week, and I just now listened to the whole song, via youtube. I would dare say that it... Continue Reading →

Things go without saying

Being a missionary things go without saying.... Things that need to be done get done, usually without asking or questioning. No matter if we have our whole group or just a couple, things still get done. I was away for... Continue Reading →

Asking is it me

Everytime I'm in bible study, worship, or listening to the preacher I take it hard. I always look at myself, like is any of this me? I can honeslty say that since day one, I'm not sure if this is... Continue Reading →

More of you less of me

Do you ever just feel like giving up? I know I do sometimes! Do you ever just stop and ask yourself what is the point? What if I do fail, am I really making a difference? If you have ever... Continue Reading →

Going back to the old days

I this way to often, "can we go back to the old days where everything was better?" Were they really better though? I've said it a lot, never knew what it really meant, never really cared to either! This is your... Continue Reading →

Tired and Happy

The last couple of days have been oh so long! I rode back out to New Mexico with a friend and the car ride was well not very good to say the least. For one I don’t like being in... Continue Reading →

People Watcher

How many people like to just sit down and watch people? I am one of those people, I could sit down sip on coffee and watch people all day long hahah! Maybe not all day but you get my drift. Is... Continue Reading →

Keyboard under my finger tips

Ahhh!  I'm bank in my old stoppin' grounds as they would say. It feels so good to have the keyboard back under my finger tips, it has been way to long. Siting on a black leather couch (think fake leather)... Continue Reading →

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